Deceptions of Today’s Protests: The True Oppressors Exposed

Protestors:  Where do They Come From?

By now, unless you have been living under a rock, you are well aware of the recent controversies displayed by NFL players.  Some players are kneeling, some are standing, and some are locked away in locker rooms.  So, with no further introduction, let’s dive into the root cause or causes and attempt to digest what is really taking place.  As you know here at we won’t speak much about what you see on the surface, but we will give you the ‘story behind the story.’

saints sitting

If you were to interview 100 different protesters at any given protest event, NFL included, you will get a multitude of answers.  You’ll get a wide range of social issues ranging from; inequality, police brutality, white supremacy, BLM, LGBT equality, feminist equality, statue removals, and the list goes on and on.  It seems there is never just one underlined issue for everyone to rally around, but everyone combines their gripes and complaints at common rallying points and displays their dissatisfaction, thus clouding the water of each individual issue.  It seems everyday someone is upset with something and feels the need to protest and express their constitutional right.  So the question is, ‘why are we so divided?’  How can, living in America the free, we have so many differences which divide us on so many levels?  What if I told you we aren’t so different after all?  What if I told you that all of the above mentioned social issues are all branches of the same tree?  Let’s dissect the tree and its deep nourishing taproots.

Let’s begin with the most recent display, that being the NFL ‘take a knee.’  As you know this was first injected into America’s favorite sport by Colin Kaepernick as he kneeled during the National Anthem during his 2016 season in protest of racial inequality and police brutality of blacks.  Well who is Colin Kaepernick?  Kaepernick was born of mixed parents, his mother white and father black.  His mother gave him up for adoption and was later adopted by a white family.  He was an outstanding athlete in high school and college, and later became a dominating factor in the NFL ultimately landing a $126 million contract agreement.  Are you hearing the oppression or inequality yet?  Probably not.  So what was his motive for causing such controversy by disrespecting millions of his fellow Americans and the very flag which gives him that right to protest?  Why would he give up $126 million contract plus endorsements?  What is his connection?  Well his connection most probably begins with his girlfriend, Nessa Diab.  Diab is the Hot 97 DJ in New York and MTV host.  She is an avid supporter of Black Lives Matter (BLM), and expresses concerns of islamophobia, as she is a Muslim.  Kaepernick’s social media posts suggests strong support for BLM and other controversial organizations such as the New Black Panther Party.

It is true that black lives do matter, as all lives do from every walk of life.  The name Black Lives Matter is very misleading as to the true cause.  I have spoken about that at length and you can find out more information about BLM and its true agenda, nothing to do to support black lives, in my previous article, From Baton Rouge Jail Cell to White House in 24 Hours. The Fraud of BLM Exposed.   Briefly, BLM was founded officially in Oakland, California only twenty miles or so from Kaepernick’s home of San Francisco.  It was founded by:

Opal Tameti; Executive Director of Black Alliance for Just Immigration which is owned by none other than George Soros

Patrisse Cullors; board member for Ella Baker Center for Human Rights which is ran by avowed communist, activist, and CNN commentator Van Jones.  The Ella Baker Center for Just Immigration is heavily funder by George Soros through various foundations such as the Open Society.  The head of the Open Society is DeRay McKesson who is directly on the payroll of Soros, living in a Soros paid house.  Jones and Soros are linked together in many ways such as the Green for All organization.

Alicia Garza; Oakland activist on an array of issues and has made appearances with Van Jones as well.

George Soros:  aka Public Enemy Number One

At this point it seems like the root of BLM is a man named George Soros.  Who is he?  George Soros is a Hungarian-American, born in Budapest in 1930.  Although his Jewish decent, he survived NAZI concentration and oppression by betraying his people being a NAZI collaborator.  He later made his fortune through investments and has an estimated net worth of $25 billion.  He’s also a philanthropist and heavily involved in world politics, spending hundreds of millions of dollars in the US alone.  He has destroyed countries with his political and monetary might.  He has smashed currencies such as the British Pound in the 1990’s and others.  Once he gets his candidates of choice in place he is able to make his move on governmental control.  He has publicly announced that his primary goal is to collapse the dollar with his financial strength.  He has donated hundreds of millions of dollars to the Obama candidacy alone, along with millions of dollars more to other candidates of choice as well.

We know now that the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, was written by the Tides Foundation, which is owned by George Soros.  He owns many other foundations which support communist ideology throughout the world, in particular the United States.  He has also orchestrated all of the occupy movements over the last few years.  Not only has he orchestrated events such as the occupy movement, BLM, Antifa, and more, he single handedly has financed it.  Have you ever wondered how simple grass roots Americans from around the country join in a centralized location and have the same professionally made signs, banners, T-shirts, etc.?  Coincidence?  He is able to relay his message to the masses and hide his true intent through his media connections.  He has given millions of dollars to NPR.  He also has ties to other major media outlets including The New York Times, Washington Post, The Associated Press, NBC and ABC.  He also owns Media Matters, a heavy left wing propaganda machine.  So here is a man who has power, influence, and an agenda to take down America.  Soros uses the Cloward and Piven ideology of divide and conquer to reach his agenda.  He finances in many cases, both sides of spectrum to turn the masses on each other.  Division through race, religion, politics, ect. is the wool over our eyes to keep us from seeing the true political workings.

This is only scratching the surface on the puppet master known as George Soros.  Here we have a man who is very powerful and influential who wants to see this country divided and has openly declare war on our currency.  Let’s call George Soros public enemy number one!  The protesting and demonstrating should be taken directly to the man most interested in bringing down our great country.  He would be our taproot in this sociological unrest we’re living.

Public Enemy Number Two

Who else is involved?  Is He truly that powerful to take down America by himself?  Of course not!  Although public enemy number one, he isn’t alone.  For him to succeed he needs a little inside help, so let’s dig deeper.  Remember Cloward and Piven of divide and conquer is needed to keep the masses fighting against each other and not see what is truly going on.  So let’s look at what is going on.  Take North Korea for instance.  The threat of nuclear holocaust is ever so near.  North Korea’s nuclear capabilities originated from President Bill Clinton in the 1990’s.  Remember all of the nuclear secrets Bill was caught red handed selling to the communist Chinese?  Oh how quickly we forget.  It’s no coincidence that Hillary’s presidential campaign was heavily funded by George Soros, as well as many other foreign interests.  As Secretary of State she sold American uranium to Russia in exchange for foundation donations.  The Clinton Foundation has been involved in many social demonstrations as well.  The list goes on and on for the Clinton connection.  So for public enemy number two we are going to list Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama for their heavy socialist communist influences over the past decade.  Remember Obama was a Saul Alinsky protégé, Bill Ayers known terrorist follower, and his list goes on forever as well.

Before you think this article is a right wing political talking point, think again.  We listed those as public enemy number one and two because they are the most influential currently.  This doesn’t mean they are the only ones which should be protested.  You must remember the world is a stage and we are spectating the show at hand.  We don’t see the backstage preparations.  The actors are the political establishment.  At the top of the food chain are politicians both republicans and democrats both sharing the same ideology, but on the surface appear to express different political agendas.  Take George W. Bush for instance.  He was a supposed republican with conservative beliefs.  Was his reign any different from his predecessor or successor whom are both democrats?  All three involved us in war, expanded the role of government, battle healthcare reform, did nothing for illegal immigration, raised the national debt., and so much more.  Remember Clinton did not abolish the national debt as you may believe.  He balanced the budget meaning there was less money going out than coming in, but he did this by robbing Social Security which has now been haunting us decades later.  Also the history of the Bush Empire is astounding.  Prescott Bush, George W’s grandfather, was a NAZI sympathizer who ran The Union Bank of New York and is mostly responsible for funding Adolf Hitler’s reign of WWII.  His bank was shut down by J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI in the 1930’s with the Aiding The Enemy Act.  George H W Bush was at the heart of the JFK Conspiracy.  The only reason the Bush’s are not on our public enemy list is due to their lack of influence currently.  However they would most certainly be on top the list of most evil empires.

Public Enemy Number Three     

So despite your political beliefs there is not much difference between the two.  It is a divisive tool to keep us in our little bubbles.  So once more they are able to illude you through the media.  You can read more about the media hierarchy and influence in one of my previous articles Mainstream News Media Death Blow:  Exposed Secrets.  So Public enemy number three is our good ole mainstream news media.  It is important to read the article above to get a true understanding of the power, influence, and consolidation of power as they are all run by the Council on Foreign Relations, or CFR.

We now have public enemies one through three identified.  Number one is George Soros, two is Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, and three is the news media.  Although these are great starting points in our list, they are no how the only ones in need of our protest shift.  For the sake of time we have labeled these three as a good starting point.  For time conservation we’ll just touch on a few more heavy hitters.

Multinational banks including our Federal Reserve System are influencing our currency causing inflationary boom and bust cycles.

Almost everything which is followed by foundation such as, The Rockefeller Foundation, Ford Foundation, Tides Foundation, Clinton Foundations, etc.  The Rockefeller Empire has funded wars for financial gain.  During WWII the Rockefeller’s company IG Farben sold Adolf Hitler jet fuel additives which was the key ingredient for his fighter jets.  The corruptions go much much deeper with the Rockefellers.

Agenda 21 is a UN document produced in the 1990’s which mentions population control and many other divisive tools.

Speaking of divisiveness and oppression we cannot leave out the all-powerful CIA along with our government who are responsible for setting up ghettos, and project housing for African-Americans in the early and mid-1900’s.  Also let’s not leave out that the CIA on records gets much of its funding through drug trafficking and use the suppressed black communities for their groundwork mostly.  The CIA are the biggest gangsters on earth.


The main taproot in our divisive society is George Soros.  The tree trunk delivering that toxic nourishment is the mainstream media.  The many branches of protest of social and political ideology is ultimately what bear the fruits of our society.  Ultimately, we will reap what we sow and it is up to you to seek the true divisive enemies.  Although racism does exist, it is prominent throughout the world in every culture.  It is instinctive tribalism.  Everyone is proud of who they are and where they came from, or at least should be.  We should all recognize our differences and understand that despite political, religious, or social views, we are all just people no matter what race or walk of life.  We are not as different as the puppet masters lead you to believe.  The hierarchy of BLM, white power NAZI sympathizers, Antifa, and other community organizers are all the same.  They intentionally play us against each other to keep us suppressed and dumbed down.  The CIA and US government have had their neck on much of the black community, not all of them, and have pawned it off as some sort of white oppression.  This is insanity at its highest level.  So, it is important to realize where we are from, and where we are going.  It isn’t the country itself doing the oppressing, nor it’s citizens.  It is the hierarchy of shadow governments and dominant high power financial figures.  The only way to survive and become stronger as a people is to join hands and realize our common enemy.  It isn’t you and I.  Our attention should be focused on our public enemies, as well as their sponsors and show that the American spirit cannot be broken.  We the people have a voice, but we must know where and when to speak.  Division will breed chaos and we will awaken one day to find our once beloved country is unrecognizable.  In the end if we don’t stand together we will all hang separate.

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