Mainstream News Media Death Blow: Exposed Secrets

This morning every mainstream news outlet is scratching their heads after a sweeping Trump victory last night.  Forced to admit their fallacy, they hesitantly conceded a Trump victory in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, making one of the latest election battles in recent history.  Despite the troves of supporters turning out at Trump rallies, as compared to Clinton’s embarrassing gatherings, the mainstream media still insisted on swaying public opinion by constructing false polls saying Clinton was ahead by a landslide.  Anyone even remotely awake could see the turnout, even in battle ground states, that the support at the Trump campaign was overwhelming as compared to Clinton’s, which has been on life support for many months now.  The more worried they became of a Trump victory, the higher they put Clinton in the polls.  The last polls before the election showed a ten to twelve point lead.  In fact the words ‘miracle’ was mentioned every time the Trump campaign was spoken of.  This, of course, was an attempt to make voters think that their votes did not matter and Clinton would win either way.  They hoped that the average voter would not get out and vote in frustration.  America has awakened this morning to every mainstream reporter and anchor saying, what a surprise,  I never saw this coming.  Really?  You never saw it coming?  How could they get it so wrong?

To understand how they could get it so wrong, would be a little much information for this particular article.  However, what you do need to know is this.  All of these media outlets are controlled by the same group of people.  Despite the hundreds of cable networks and twenty-four hour news, they aren’t so different at all.  There are only five mega conglomerate media outfits which control all of its subsidiaries.  They are;

1.)  National Amusements; owns Viacom, which owns CBS, and much more.

2.)  The Walt Disney Company; owns ABC, ESPN, and much more

3.)  Comcast; owns NBC, all of its subsidiaries, and much more.

4.)  Historic Time Warner; owns CNN, HBO, and much more

5.)  News Corporation; owns FOX, and Fox News and much more.

That’s right, every channel you can name will fall under one of these five, except for you foreign stations.  Every one of these five mega conglomerates are controlled by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).  The CFR was created in 1921 with the sole purpose of swaying public opinion one way or another.  It was created by big time banker J.P. Morgan, Colonel House, J.D. Rockefeller, and other big time scammers of their day.  It immediately bought up dozens of media outlets such as ‘The New York Times,’ ‘Associated Press,’ and others.  To understand how this could happen, you have to first understand that the world does not operate like the news media tells you it does!

It is time we as citizens rise up and boycott the mainstream liberal news media.  They are proven fraud and inaccurate.  Alternative media such as this website,,, and many other independent organizations are the new way of spreading information in the future.  This is why on October 1, 2016, in case you were sleeping, President Obama officially signed over internet control to the UN (United Nations), a foreign entity, heavily funded by big time US bankers and multinational corporations.  It is the take over from within full steam ahead.  However, today the globalist find themselves decades in the past as this unexpected Trump victory shattered the death blow to our freedoms.  Today America is headed in a new direction and they are shaking with fear.  Today, the sleeping giant has been taunted for the last time.  Today, America has awakened!!

There is still much work to be done.  Be ready for a false flag attempt like a mass shooting somewhere or a war with Russia or some other nation.  They are feverishly planning to stall Donald Trump’s inauguration!  You heard the prediction here first, as we hold true of giving the story behind the story!

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