Hello Everyone,

My name is Lance Dauzat and I am the creator and chief editor of this website, True Media Rivals.  This page was created with the intend to be a source of true and factual information revealed to the public.  The information being brought forth could range anywhere from local, state, or national politics, to other touchy subjects which the lying mainstream media won’t tell you the truth, or the whole story.  It will be a source of uncovering and exposing corruption within our political system, as well as shining the light on various conspiracy theories.  The information put out on this site will only be done after extensive research on the subject matter, where I can personally vouch for its 100 percent validity.  You all will be able to comment on each blog post I make public and voice your opinions.  We will be able to have a legitimate public debate.  Given the intent of this blog, I’d like to encourage you to contact me with any information you may have, revealing any corruption or shady back door deals which you may be aware of by our polititions, or anything which you may find interesting, worthy of a news story to be investigated and exposed.  I’ll keep your identity hidden as we move forward in exposing the truth behind the corruption.

I hope you enjoy the information which I’ll be putting out and help spread the word.  If there is something here which you find offensive or factually inaccurate, I encourage you to do some research of your own and bring it to my attention and we can discuss it publicly or privately.  This is not a Politically Correct site and is not intended on pleasing everyone, but is only commited to exposing the truth.  Thank you for visiting, your input is greatly appreciated.

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