Election (Primary) March 15 2016

After what many are referring to as Super Tuesday II, the two front runners from the republican and democratic sides are continuing to stifle their leads. On the republican side Donald Trump emerged as the victor, winning a whopping 4 out of the 5 states’ primaries, leaving only Ohio to John Kasich.  It was a huge win for the Donald, upping his delegate count to 621, well short of the required 1,237.  Ted Cruz hobbled in at a disappointing second place, leaving much cushion between the front runner and himself.  Cruz’s delegate count sits at 396.  After a devestating loss in what experts have called a must win for Marco Rubio, the Rubio Train has officially derailed after giving up his home state of Florida in a landslide turn out for Trump.  After a grand total of 168 delegates Marco has finally pulled the plug on his hemorrhaging campaign, and accepted defeat for the first time in this election cycle.  Well, as for Ohio’s Governor John Kasich, he managed to pull off a double digit win over Mr. Trump in his home state giving him the 66 delegates and bringing his total to a staggering 138.  As he lingers far behind in the rear view mirror, he still has not announced a decision to abort his failed campaign, or continue the dismay.  In the end it is Donald Trump whom emerged as the clear front runner for the GOP.

On the democratic side of things, the Bern seems to be cooling down as Hillary Clinton douses him with defeat.  Clinton emerged victorious in all 5 states, leaving Bernie Sanders supporters questioning the relevancy of his campaign future.  The democratic front runner increased her total delegates to 1561 as Mr. Sanders hovers at 800.  Although both candidates fall short of the required 2,383 delegates needed for a sweep, Mrs. Clinton is on a clear path to facing off in the general election.


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